Summit to Cetera Advisor Network

Cetera Financial Group—a family of companies to which Summit Brokerage currently belongs—has invited the financial advisors associated with Summit, including me, to join our affiliate Cetera Advisor Networks. My anticipated transition is expected to be September 20, subject to regulatory approval.

Like Summit, Cetera Advisor Networks is an independent broker-dealer and investment adviser. Founded in 1983, Cetera Advisor Networks provides many of the industry-leading financial products and services to its financial professionals and their clients nationwide.

What does this mean for you?

This will be a seamless transition for you. Importantly, your account number(s) will not change. You should also  know the following:

  • Your account will reflect Cetera Advisor Networks as the new broker-dealer.
  • Cost basis information on your accounts will not be disrupted.
  • All current instructions on your account will be maintained.
  • You will have access to more technology, and I will have the opportunity to provide you more services for your accounts

The relationship I have with you, as a client, will not change. I will continue to have the privilege of working with and helping you pursue your financial objectives. Much of the transition work to move to Cetera Advisor Networks has been done behind the scenes, and there will be very minimal impact to you. 

In the coming weeks, you will receive a formal communication directly from Summit regarding the change in broker-dealer and your consent to the change. If you do not have any objections to moving your account(s) to Cetera Advisor Networks, no action will be required on your part and your consent will be assumed.

I truly value our relationship and cannot thank you enough for your continued confidence in me and my team. I look forward to continuing to serve your investment needs with the products, solutions, and tools that will be afforded to me through my new affiliation with Cetera Advisor Networks.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to our office at 816-841-0234.